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Studio Inspire is a community driven artist space focused on visual story telling. We believe that visual storytelling connects people to each other by sharing our stories in the form of pictures, paintings, poems, etc. This nurturing process creates a connection that develops kindness and deeper understanding towards one another. Studio Inspire offers the tools, gear, classes, and camaraderie needed for fellow creatives to express themselves.

Studio Inspire offers a 6,000 sq. ft sanctuary where people of all ages and skill levels can come to engage, learn, teach and develop their talents in the visual storytelling fields which include Photography, Film Making, Painting, Mixed Media, Jewelry Making among others. We maintain a warm and inviting studio and furnishes it with the latest technology in camera and lighting equipment. Image making and visual storytelling is now at your fingertips. Come see for yourself.


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Modeling Comp Cards Prints

We are happy to offer printing services for professional models and actors.  Headshots and […]

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Treat Your Man

To be honest…..I think that accomplishing a good men’s headshot is more difficult than […]

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Artful Existence

To all my friends who feel alone….who feel faceless….nameless. Who come into the studio […]


“When you walk in the door at Studio Inspire you can tell immediately that this is a place where creativity and professionalism combine… Whether you are a stylist or photographer, Studio Inspire has everything you need to put your best creative foot forward.”
Andrea Hansen, House of Blackbird
“Studio Inspire is a dreamland of creativity and  limitless possibilities. So much space and talent to make your creative endeavors come true.”
Carleen Sanchez, Hair Artist with Pearle
“Studio Inspire is an amazing space to creative striking imagery. With space to accommodate large production shoots to small intimate portraits, you can find the size needed for your shot. Anicia goes to incredible lengths to make sure you and your clients are comfortable and your shoot goes off with out a hitch. Northern Nevada is lucky to have a space like this open to us artist.”
Michael Okimoto, Michael Okimoto Photographer
“… Anicia handles her very sophisticated studio with style and grace, and not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is also a tremendous value to her community. I am honored to have the chance to show and take my photography students to a top-notch photography studio, and I am looking forward to being able to continue to do so as long as I am teaching photography in Reno.”
Beau Rogers, TMCC Professor of Photography
“Studio Inspire is a gem of Reno, with a warm inviting entrance you feel at home right when you walk in. … Once you start shooting it only gets better, with 6,000 sq. ft. of open space with 30′ ceiling this sky is the limit, nothing can stop you from visualizing realizing  your dreams!”
Joel Wortman, FX Studios
“Studio Inspire is truly one of the greatest assets a photographer in the greater Reno area has. First of all, the rates aren’t just competitive, for what you get they are practically a steal. Second, the space is PERFECT for almost any type of studio shots you might want, from portraits to boudoir to product to fine art.”
Jessi Lemay, Jessi Lemay Photography
“Studio Inspire is every girls dream! Being a female photographer who shoots female clients, Studio Inspire definitely caters to the type of photography I like to do. Anicia has everything you could ever need to create high quality images for your clients!”
Rachel Rose , Rachel Rose Photography
“Studio Inspire provides the best a dedicated studio space could offer: high-end lighting, diverse variety of backdrops and sets, a dedicated viewing room, large-scale printing — anything a photographer would need. The styling area and sheer variety of wardrobe choices, accessories and jewelry is stunning; the space is absolutely beautiful.”
Eugene Ghymn, Polychromatic Studio
“Your work is very professional and the high quality photos you sent me reflect that.”
Stéphane Azra, Glazer Capital Management
“Anicia was extremely professional. She went above and beyond what was asked of her. She likes to make sure her clients are happy and will retouch, mount and help her clients achieve the look they are looking for. With regards to her pricing she was extremely generous and provided extra photos at no cost. I would highly recommend Anicia.”
Farnaz Milani, Investment Manager Services – SEI
“Studio Inspire is a big contributor to Reno developing itself as city of arts and artists. I give it my highest recommendation.”
Jessi Lemay, Folk and the Lore
“I went to Las Vegas for a conference and came back with the best photographs of my life. Anicia is a true professional with astonishing attention to detail. Her photography and touch-up work were beyond what I have every experienced with a professional photographer. I highly recommend Anicia to anyone looking for a professional photograph that will illuminate their image in the best possible light.”
Seavan Sternheim, Chief Operating Officer – QM Capital
“Anicia is a true professional. She takes great pride in her work and the results certainly show it.”
Michael Marcus , Prelude Capital New
“As a representative of the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby, I feel very fortunate to work with such a talented local photographer. Single handedly she has helped our event garner national attention, ensuring its success as both an equestrian competition and fundraiser for local charitable causes.”
Aimee LaFayette, Franktown Meadows Hunter Derb, Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility
I am quite un-photogenic, yet Anicia was able to capture a rare feat: a good picture of me! Thanks Anicia!
Shawn Stoval, Managing Partner Varden Pacific San Fran
Anicia Beckwith is a people person – friendly style! She took the time to connect with me and captured my “good side.” Coupled with her keen eye and sharp observation skills, she’s an excellent photographer. Highly recommended.
Eric Gelb, Director of Business Development, Financial Services. O’Connor Davies New York, NY